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Government Of Assam Transport Inland Water Transport

Statement of On-going Schemes

Sl. No.Name of schemeScheme Value as per A/AExpenditure incurred So-farBudget Allotted for 2017-18Physical Progress Up to dateLength (OA) mBreadth (OA) mDepth (OA)

Engine Horse Power bhpCapacity Pass./VehicleName of Builders
1.Construction of 2 Nos. 28.0 M long Steel Catamaran for Majuli Based ferry Service372.00188.65183.3575 %28101.8190-202 bhp80 -100 pass. 4 LMV1. Das Consultancy & Agency Service Ghy. 2. Relemech INC. Ghy.
2.Construction of 4 nos. 16.0 M long Steel Shallow Draft Boat on the river Borak (SonabariF.S, Gandhighat F.S., Annapurna F.S., Rajnagar F.S.)138.93682.39348.5295 %164.251.457 PS35 passKalipada Chakraborty Silchar
3.Construction of 2 nos. 22.00m long Steel Mar-Boat (Catamaran) for Sadia and Dhubri ferry service on the river Brahmaputra.380.00112.504178.9955 %22101.6205 PS80-100 pass 4 LMVP. Das & Co. Guwahati
4.Construction of 2 nos. 30.0 M long steel RPL ferry vessel for Sadia and Dhubri ferry service on river Brahmaputra380.00121.25200.0068 %307.51.8 / 2.4205 PS80 pass. 2 LMV & 2 HVP. Das & Co. Guwahati
5.Construction of 1 (one) 24.5 m long twin screw Survey cum emergent duty Boat equipped with required safety measures.200.0034.74150.0080 % 2.7205 PS25 Pass.A.C. Roy & Co. Kolkata
6.Construction of 2 nos. 16M long Steel Shallow Draft Boats (SDB) for Enforcement purpose on river Brahmaputra.69.1432.5429.1485 %16.541.157 PSN/ATechno Steel & Craft Industries. Ghy.
7.Construction 2 (two) nos. 20.0 M long A.C. single boat to be utilized as Cruise Vessel for commercial up-gradation.245.10100.00150.0070 %205.51.488 PSN/ATechno Steel & Craft Industries. Ghy.
8.Construction of 15nos. 17.0 m long Floating terminals for 15nos Ghat Bank under CSS 100% grant in Aid607.49106.66500.8335 %17.04.501.40N/AN/AM/s Panchoi Ghy.