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Government Of Assam Transport Inland Water Transport

What We Do

  • The present functions and responsibilities of the Directorate Inland Water Transport of Assam are detailed below:  

    FERRY SERVICES  : IWT is operating 102 nos. ferry services on the river Brahmaputra, Barak and in its tributaries for the purpose of public utility out of which 79 nos. Ferry services are in the Brahmaputra Valley and 23 nos. ferry services are in the Barak valley.  

    RIVER CONSERVANCY : The Department has its own river conservancy wing for maintaining proper navigability of the river route.  

    CREW TRAINING CENTRE: The Directorate of IWT marinating a Crew Training Centre at Guwahati for imparting training to the fresh candidates as  well as in – service personnel  of IWT department and other allied organization in the North Eastern  Region, both in private and public sector. More than 2000 crews have passed out from this Crew training centre. 


    The Inland Water Transport Department is committed to ensure safe journey to the ferry commuters across the state and cargo transportation through inland waterways on the River Brahmaputra (National Waterways-2), River Barak (National Waterways-16) and other navigable tributaries within Assam.


    • Safe and secured Passenger & cargo ferry services.
    • Capacity building of crew members in both public and private sector.
    • Enforcement of Acts.
    • Cruise Services in select areas
    The Job Respnsibilities of the IWT Department are given below : 
    Sl.No.Name of PostsDuties
    1.DirectorControlling Head of the Directorate.
    2.Additional DirectorTo assist Director in all official matters.
    3.Joint Director (Technical)To monitor Technical matter, Central Workshop/
    Audit Correspondence, ferry ghat Settlement etc.
    To look after Crew Training Centre, Preparation of
    IV Act. River Conservancy.
    4.              Joint Director ( General)To monitor Establishment section of this Directorate            
    5Deputy Director (Design)To look after Technical matters of this Deptt.
    6          Deputy Director (Commercial)To look after Commercial service, activity of this Deptt.
    7River SurveyorTo look after the river Conservancy and Pilotage works
    8        Executive EngineerHe is responsible for operation control and
    management of ferry service under a Division.
    9          Asstt. Executive Engineer(T.C)To look after the works related to
    Technical branch of IWT Directorate.
    10              Asstt. Executive Engineer      To look after the works related to Technical/
    Construction/central Workshop etc.
    11        Asstt. EngineerHe is to assist/look after in all the Technical
    matters relating to construction of river vessels.
    12        Training SuperintendentMaintenance of Crew Training centre such as
    Train the Crews issue Certificates to Crew
    13F.A.O.To look after all the financial matters of this Deptt.
    14Asstt. Training SuperintendentTo Assist the Training supdt. at C.T.C. Guwahati
    15Commercial OfficerTo look after the Commercial matters .
    16Asstt. River SurveyorTo assist , the River Surveyor in all conservancy works.
    17RegistrarTo assist the Director for looking after the official works
    and administration as per norms.
    18Accounts Officer in ( 3 Division)To look after works relating to Budget and accounts of the division.
    19Superintendent (Head Quarter)He is responsible to look after the official works of the directorate.
    20Deputy Accounts OfficerHe is to assist the accounts officer.
    21Asstt. Accounts OfficerHe is responsible to assists the Accounts Officer.
    22AccountantTo look after all accounts works of the directorate office.
    23U.D.Asstt.( Head Quarter)Responsible to the file works relating to
    establishment and general correspondences of the Directorate.
    24Head Asstt. ( Division)He is to assist the Executive Engineer in all types of works in a Division
    25U.D.Asstt. (Dist. Level)Responsible to the file works relating to establishment and as per direction
    26InspectorResponsible for technical works relating to the
    Inspection of ferry and conservancy Branch
    27Junior EngineerHe is responsible to look after all Technical works in
    Directorate and other divisions
    28Asstt. Commercial OfficerHe is to look after works relating to Technical Branch
    29Engine room Instructor/Deck InstructorResponsible to imparting the Crew Training of Deck
    and Engine side of the C.T.C.
    30Sub-Engineer Gr-IHe is to look after works relating to Technical Branch
    31Marine Mechanic Grade-IHe is to supervise overhauling and repairing of Engines and Gear box etc.
    32Electrical supervisorSupervising all the electrical works relating to vessel etc.
    33Chief MasterTo operate the vessel and manage the staff of fleet more the 1000 HP.
    34Field AssistantResponsible for different types of field works  
    35Junior Engine Room InstructorHe is to assist the Engine Room Instructor in the C.T.C.
    36Driver Grade-IOperate vessels below 200400 HO Engine and Gearbox etc.
    37Master Grade-IOperate vessel below 200-400 HP Engine
    38Sub-Engineer Grade-IILook after the Technical work
    39Marine Mechanic Grade-IIResponsible for overhauling and repairing 100-200 HP
    engine and Gear box etc.
    40Accounts Asstt. (Head Quarter)He is to assist the Accountant under the Directorate.
    41L.D. Asstt. (Head Quarter )Responsible to the file works relating to the
    establishment and general correspondences.
    42Computer OperatorResponsible for various type of Computer works.
    43ElectricianResponsible for all the Electrical works.
    44Section AssistantTo assist the S.O. in a ferry ghat.
    45TracerResponsible for all the drawing works
    46Master Grade-IITo operate the vessel 1-200 HP vessel.
    47Driver Grade-IITo operate the vessel(wooden) 1 -100 HP
    48Booking ClerkBooking purpose of a commercial cargo and
    maintenance of accounts Branch
    49Godown ClerkMaintenance of office godown of commercial cargo
    50MachinistEntrusted to operate/manufacture and repairing of Components
    51Diesel DriverTo maintain the generator Engine in Commercial goods vessels
    52FitterTo assist in fabrication
    53Store KeeperFor maintain the office stores Room
    54Pilot InspectorFor Inspection of Conservancy works
    55Marboat DriverTo operate the wooden single and
    mar boat/steel in ferry service
    56L.D.Asstt ( District level)Responsible for works of general and establishment branch in a division
    57Asstt. MechanicTo maintain the ferry vessel engines of 50-100HP
    58SerangTo Supervise the movement including maintenance of the vessel
    59HelimanUtilised for handlings the Haliman in a boat
    60Gas CutterFor cutting metal by Gas Cutter for repairing
    61Electrical WiremanResponsible for Electrical wiring
    62WelderFor welding steel structure
    63Fitter HelperTo assist the fitter
    64CarpenterFor repairing of wooden structure
    65Engine DriverTo operate the single hull wooden/steel boat having 100 HP
    66Head PilotInspection of Conservancy works
    67Driver Grade-IIITo drive-1000 HP sallow draft boat
    68Car Driver  Driving of Departmental vehicles
    69SeacunnyTo operate the steering wheel or a running vessel both
    ferry and commercial service.
    70PilotTo inspect the Conservancy works
    71Xerox OperatorTo operate the photocopier
    72Duff treyCorrespondence of Bank/Treasury ; submission of Bills
    73Carpenter HelperTo assist the Carpenter
    74GreaserTo assist the Driver of a vessel in greasing work
    75LaskarTo assist in the movement of a vessel
    76KhalashiTo assist the work of Sectional Asstt.
    77Gas Cutter HelperTo assist the Gas Cutter in repairing works in Workshop
    78PainterPainting works of a vessel in Workshop
    79Ghat KhalashiThe clearing and maintenance of a ghat and
    Construction of a Jetty
    80Mechanic HelperTo assist the Mechanic
    81BhandariFor preparation of food for vessel staff
    82ArikathiResponsible for all Conservancy works of the deptt.
    83Painter HelperTo assist the painter for painting purpose
    84Welder HelperTo assist the welder for welding purpose
    85BoatmanTo assist the Serang and Helamen for operation of a boat
    86Boat KhalashiFor cleaning of boat of a ferry ghat
    87Ghat HelperTo assist the S/O of a ghat
    88Field KhalashiTo assist the Conservancy
    89ChowkiderWatchman duty
    90PeonResponsible for transaction of different types of office works
    91Blue PrinterResponsible for Blue printing machine operation
    92SweeperCleaning works