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Government Of Assam Transport Inland Water Transport

List of Vessel under IWT Assam

Type of VesselsNumbers
Modern Vessel (MV)12 Nos
Steel Mar Boat(MB)3 Nos
Wooden Mar Boat (MB) 3 Nos.
R.P.L 10Nos.
SDB(Steel)11 Nos.
SDB(Wooden)25 Nos.
Terminal Facility   44 Nos.
Pontoon15 Nos.
Single Boat(Steel)15 Nos.
SingleBoat(wooden=  15 nos.
Hold Loading Burge(HLB)6 Nos
Deck Loading Burge(DLB)7 Nos.
Pushar Tug(PT) 4 Nos
Motor Tug(MT)2 nos
Country Boat(CB) 4 Nos.
Mechanized Country Boat(MCB) 10 Nos.
Total 186 Nos

The detail information on list of all the Vessels/Barges under IWT, Assam is given below. 

List of Vessel under IWT Assam as on 30 May,17.pdf71.43 KBswf-image