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Government Of Assam Transport Inland Water Transport

Vessel Repair facilities

Vessel repairing facility for repairing of IWT vessels

  • Repairing of vessel at Floating workshop : At central workshop the following facilities are available 
  1. Welding,general cutting,fitting and fixing work
  2. Painting work
  3. Engine repairing wirk
  4. Wood related work
  5. All type of electrification work
  • Repairing by local contractors : Some  repair of vessels(wooden/steel) works required to be done through local contractors where it is difficult to carry out the work the central workshop 
  • Slipway : A all season vessel repairing facility is being constructed by IWAI on a IWT land at Pandu, Guwahati for major repairing of hulls of the vessels for the vessel required dry-docking

Dry docking of IWT vessels 

IWT Assam do not have dry-dock facility. For carrying out repairing of bottom hull & stern gear unit etc .Natural dry docking of vessel is required. Steps taken for natural dry docking of vessels are as follows:   

  1. Vessel to be placed on high sand dune as soon as river water recedes during the month of October.
  2. Placing of required wooden blocks under the bottom plate after lifting the vessel by Jacking.
  3. Remove earth manually from bottom portion to get a workable height for achieving suitable state of working condition.    
  4. Removing all fittings / accessories from hull where necessary to release self weight of vessel.
  5. Gas Cutting and removing damaged portion of bottom plate and chine plate etc. as required. 
  6. Replacing/repairing of M.S. scantling (assorted)of hull frame as required by arc welding.
  7. Fitting fixing M.S. Plate of reqd. size where necessary.
  8. Repairing of stern gear portion to be carried out if necessary.
  9. Scrapping for removing rust and foreign materials from wall surfaces and applying bituminous paint with red-oxide primer.
  10. Safe placing on wooden blocks till rising of water level (up to April-May) for launching in to river water.
  11. Wooden blocks tied-up each other with nailing & G.I. Wire and the bunch recovered after launching of vessel.