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Government Of Assam Transport Inland Water Transport

Success Stories


  • Setting up of IWT Control Room for “Now casting” weather forecasting
  • SMS Monitoring System of ferry services.
  • GPRS Based Vessel Tracking System
  • Solar Lighting in remote IWT ferry services
  • Construction of suitable boats / vessels as per requirement.
  • Public awareness through sign boards at major ferry. .
  • Displaying of storm warning signs and signals at ferry ghats- Display of red sign during closure of a ferry service
  • Short term training to boat operators at different locations such as Dibrugarh, Dhola and Dhubri 
  • Engagement of additional 10 Ship-Surveyor and 16 Asstt. Ship Surveyor
  • Enrolment of all Sectional Officers of all ferry services as Enforcement Officer 
  • QRT( Quick Response Team) in every ferry service 

Future Plan of I.W.T. Assam:

  1. Increase more passenger ferry services in Brahmaputra, Borak and other tributaries. List of rivers presently under consideration for national water ways in Assam.
  2. To increase commercial vessels both for carrying goods & passengers and leasing out vessels for floating Hotels & Restaurants and recreational activities.
  3. Institutional reforms like establishment of Assam Inland Water Transport Corporation Limited. 
  4. Skill development of operational staff through Crew Training Centre, Guwahati.
  5. Improvement and upgradation of Crew Training Centre to regional Institute.
  6. Development of ferry Ghats and Jetties at different places of Assam.
  7. River Front infrastructure development of I.W.T. at Guwahati from Uzanbazar ferry Ghat to Bharalu point by beautification of riverfront for both commercial and recreational facilities including development of Ghats and construction of R.C.C. Jetties.
  8. Renovation and improvement of 3 central work shop at Guwahati, Dibrugarh and Silchar.
  9. Introduction of Bio digester Toilet in passenger ferry vessels.
  10. Improvement of vessel tracking system.
  11. Introduction of solar lights at Pontoons and ferry Ghats.