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Crew Training Centre


The Crew Training Centre of Inland Water Transport Department, Assam was established in the year 1968 to impart training to in-service personnel and fresh candidates within the crew as well as other allied organization of public and private sectors. More than 2000 crews have passed out from this centre so far. The employees of the BSF, the Indian Army etc. nationwide have also benefited in terms of their departmental promotion after obtaining competency certificates from this Crew Training Centre. The Crew Training Centre of IWT, Assam is the only crew center in the entire North-Eastern Region.

The Center follows a strict syllabus since its inception and imparts training for courses in Engine and Deck side of Inland Vessels with reference to the provisions of I.V Act 1917. The Deck side syllabus comprises of theories and practicals in Navigational rules as per the Act, Manoeuvring of vessels, Signals, On-board operation ,Swimming etc. while Engine side syllabus comprises of theories and practicals in operation and maintenance of Marine Engines and Auxiliary Machineries, trouble-shooting of engines, on-board operation and swimming etc.


The training period for fresh candidates is of six months who are selected after Govt. advertisement and selection/ physical ability test. Fresh trainees are considered for entry level crews only.

There is a provision of 3-4 months training for Departmental staff also which is conducted whenever required as per the order of the Director, IWT. After completion of training all the candidates have to go through written, oral and practical examination after which they get their certificates.

As per provision of I.V Act 1917, there is an examination centre with an approved examination board comprising Govt. Examiners which examines the qualification of the candidates seeking competency certificates to act as Masters or Serang or Engine Drivers in different grade as the case may be for Inland Vessels.

How to Apply?

Any candidate who desire to appear before the Examination board have to apply on plain paper to the Director, IWT along with examination fees and his service/ experience certificates issued by the respective authorities. The candidate is examined by the examination board for his competency and the decision is forwarded to the Director, IWT for issue of certificates. At present the 1 st and 3 rd Saturday of every month has been fixed to conduct the examination of such candidates.

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