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Government Of Assam Transport Inland Water Transport

River Safety Measures

Do’s for Boatmen and Boat driversDon’ts for Boatmen and Boat Driver
Carry flotation devicesDon’t drink and drive
Carry life jacketsDon’t travel at high speed
Communicate with passengers
about safety measures
Don’t carry passengers more than the
approved capacity of the boat
Proper maintenance of boatDon’t use boat in stormy condition
Carry distress signal devices 
Carry communication devices 
Keep good look out for other boats
and swimmers when in water
Store flammable item in a safe place 
Carry fire extinguisher in a designated place 
Do’s for PassengersDon’ts for Passengers
Listen to the crewDon’t rush into a boat
Follow the rulesDon’t fight on board
Maintain the cleanliness of the siteDon’t stand and change seat in small boat when it is full
 Do not cross the designated zone on the site
 Do not disturb the crew while they are operating
Do’s for Boat operatorDon’ts for Boat operator
Ensure the certificate of survey and licence onboard
when the boat is in use

Do not allow any explosive and hazardous
material onboard

Ensure the crew is enough and sufficient to
handle the passengers
Do not allow over loading
Ensure that right information in circulated onboardDon not allow any unauthorised alteration on boat
Ensure that boat is equipped and crew is trained to
handle fire and rescue passengers
Do not allow unauthorised person to get on board
Ensure that the boat is insured for third part risks 
Ensure the boat is clean and dry while operating 

Ensure proper communication mechanism exist before
the boat starts operating


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